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Solar Panel Drone Inspection

Experts in the areas of inspection and thermography will support you every step of the way during the planning phase and offer you comprehensive advice regarding the possible use of drones when investigating heat leakages, damaged spots, hairline cracks.

Solar Panel Inspections MATRICE 300 RTK

Drones offer decisive advantages during the inspection of energy systems. Less accessible areas and areas of potential danger can be reached in a easier and more secure manner using drones. With drones, professional pilots can fly sensor systems such as infrared cameras and coronary cameras to the place of inspection to create precise aerial photographs with pinpoint accuracy.

Once these points have been captured, the surveyor can go back to their desk and generate a surface model. This model is compared against previous survey data, or a baseline surface or a virtual reference plane, to calculate volume changes.

Measuring all the stockpiles in a large stockyard using this method can take days to complete. The surveyor is generally exposed to hazardous conditions (walking near heavy equipment, climbing up unstable stockpile surfaces, etc.) and it’s often necessary to halt operations while surveying work is in progress.



Solar farms are typically very large installations and a drone equipped with an appropriate thermal camera will be able to scan the site for defects much faster than using a thermal camera on the ground.

A thermal camera can help identify: manufacturing defects, cracks, faulty inter-connectors, defective bypass diodes and temporary shadowing.

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Matrice 300 RTK with Complete your solar panel inspection faster and with less risk when they are installed at height

What can you see .?

solar panel inspection
Solar Panel Inspection

Solar Panel Inspection

We include the following Services

>>     Cracked rubber boots in vent pipe
>>    Hot spot identification for defective cells / Geotagged image
>>    Cracked Caulk
>>    Creating orthomosaic photos which can import​ In AutoCAD for dimensions 
>>     Shingles that are buckling
>>     Diagnostic purpose / planning of Panel placement
>>     Infrared signatures show defective panels
>>     Keep the solar farm running at peak efficiency
>>     Save time with pre-selected way point aerial inspections


We can produce the below reports

>>Summarize findings by Detect Type and Location
>> Location and Image for Each Defect
>> Integrated into Client Workflow
>> Track Changes over time
>> Securely accessible by Designated Third Parties