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LEICA 360 Degree TruView

Truview Combines Panoramic Images with Point Cloud Data, Allowing the User to Take Measurements, Mark Up and Share Views. It Provides an Effective Visual Decision-Making Tool

Leica 360 Degree TruView

Panoramic View using Leica Scanner Station

3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering using 3D scan data is the most efficient way to generate a 3D CAD model from a physical object that has any kind of complex or freeform shape. While using traditional measurement techniques such as callipers to reverse engineer these complex surfaces can be difficult or even impossible, 3D laser scanning shines – literally! Scan data can be turned into a model representing its as-built shape or to match original as-designed features – including parametric ones.

TruView allows even inexperienced users to take advantage of the 3D laser scanning technology and also limits unnecessary site visits. Truview can be generated in intensity colours (black & white), or in the real colour scale if scanned using the RGB option. This is an essential tool and aid in the CAD to cloud conversion.

The Benefits of Leica's Truview



TruView Cloud is quick and easy to deploy and scale. From first login and license activation to fully-functioning deployment takes just minutes. No IT hassles. Share data quickly and instantly syncronise markups and more for rapid communication and collaboration to meet demanding project timelines.



TruView Cloud is an enterprise-level solution that can scale infinitely and instantly based on the volumes you and your clients need—publish all your data, whether it’s a handful of scans, or thousands. Unlimited, separate portals can be configured through the TruView Cloud portal. Assign different communities of unlimited users to each portal and assign access on a user-by-user basis.



TruView Cloud has removed the IT hurdles so firms of any size and capacity can set up and maintain an enterprise-level solution. Users do not have to install any app or program. Simply visit the URL you designate and access your TruView digital reality data from a laptop, desktop computer, or any smartphone or tablet. Easily collaborate with stakeholders and project-manage subcontractors by accepting data from a wide range of sensors, viewing both point clouds and models. Just point and click to unlock rich information.

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