FALCON SURVEY ENGINEERING is a pioneering Survey Engineering Company in UAE established in the year of 2004, Falcon Survey Engineeringbuilt on a strong work ethic, honesty and a commitment to relationships. Today Falcon is one of the leading organizations in the field of Land Surveying, Underground Surveying, 3D Laser Scanning Surveying, GIS as well as Geographic Surveys which has International Standard and Quality. We have achieved a solid reputation for providing conscientious and reliable engineering survey solutions to a wide range of infrastructure, construction and development projects for International Clients, Government Sectors, Consultants & Constructions Companies in U.A.E. With more than 8 years of experience, Falcon continues to improve its heritage by strengthening its dedication & sincerity to each & everyone.

Our Skills

Falcon is providing a wide Range of Land Survey Services in order to ful fill your requirement from the beginning of your construction of a Project until it is successfully handing over to the Client.

Topographical Surveys
Underground Utlity Surveys
As-Built Documentations
Archeological Surveys
Construction Surveys
All Land, Marine Surveys

Why Choose Us?


We strive to meet and exceed our client’s expectations to foster long term partnerships. We value our staff and create an enjoyable work environment which allows personal fulfillment that leads to a loyal and productive workforce.We will provide superior value and services to our clients by providing quality workmanship, competitive pricing and on time completion of each project. We will deliver high quality projects without compromising time & budget.


To become a leader provider of Quality Surveying & Engineering Services in a sector, signing under the prestigious projects for tomorrow’s world business, harmonizing innovative and progressive technology with its experience, excellence and high- caliber work.; To be a responsive institution committed to building lasting customer relationships & to build trust through excellence organizational growth

Our Services

Falcon is a Well known provider of Drone/UAV Survey, Ariel Mapping, 3D Laser Scanning Services, Reverse Engineering, Drone/UAV Services, BIM Modeling, 3D Reverse Engineering, 3D Concrete Scanning etc. To Know more about our Services, Please continue Reading...

3D Laser Scanning

img By incorporating 3D laser scanning in the beginning stages of a project, clients are able to realize even greater value and benefits. A scan done early in a project allows the design process to be accelerated because the scan provides a large amount of important as-is information up front.Accordingly, everyone involved in the project--including the architects, engineers, and contractors--are able to plan their project work, which, in turn, reduces potential clashes before the final design and construction begin.. [...]

Drone Services

img Falcon 3D now offers aerial drone video and photogrammetry services with the acquisition of a eBee Plus Drone. This airborne platform provides the possibility to acquire data in dangerous or hard to reach areas for numerous applications. Falcon can tie aerial photography into the laser scan point cloud data to create a dimensionally accurate photograph. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV / Drone) have started to be widely used in mapping sector in parallel to the technological improvements in their usage in other sectors. [...]

Concrete Scanning

imgWe provide GPR technicians to locate rebar and post-tension cables within the concrete using GPR technology. Reinforcing steel locations are marked directly on the work surface to ensure safe and efficient drilling that will preserve the integrity of the structure and reduce the need for repairs or patching. This helps our clients conduct core drilling without accidents, injuries or delay. GPR scanning is also useful when preparing for a renovation that includes electrical outfitting, plumbing, fire protection services, drain installation and duct work. [...]

Concrete Coring

img As part of our commitment to deliver excellent results, regardless of the project and client, we make sure our team uses the most advanced high-grade coring machine. Using modern and reliable equipment enables our company to deliver a high level quality of work and result, as well as maximize coverage and productivity to meet tight deadlines.Whether you need a diamond core drill for concrete ceilings and walls, or for manholes and service entries, we can meet your every construction and/or industrial requirement.



We do provide a wide range of Aerial Survey Services with the aid of the Following UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) / Drones

senseFly eBee X
Map without Limits

The eBee X is the fixed-wing drone for all your mapping needs. Designed to boost the quality, efficiency and safety of your data collection, it has a camera to suit every job, the accuracy and coverage to meet every project’s requirements, and can work virtually every type of site.


✅ Efficient & Precise : Enjoy vast coverage of up to 500 ha (1,235 ac) at 122 m by activating eBee X’s unique Endurance Extension.

✅ Rugged & Reliable : The eBee X allows you to work virtually every site, no matter how demanding, thanks to its space-friendly Steep Landing technology, ultra-robust design, live air traffic data and more—all backed by senseFly’s trusted professional, local support.

✅ Multi-purpose : The eBee X suits every job thanks to its range of groundbreaking cameras. These include the new senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D, for stunning 3D reconstructions of vertical environments, the best-in-class senseFly Aeria X RGB photogrammetry camera and the senseFly Duet T for creating geo-accurate thermal maps.

Phantom 4 RTK DJI
Visionary Intelligence. Elevated Accuracy.

DJI has rethought its drone technology from the ground-up, revolutionizing its systems to achieve a new standard for drone accuracy – offering Phantom 4 RTK customers centimeter-accurate data while requiring fewer ground control points.


✅ Accurate positioning using RTK technology : The heart of the Phantom 4 RTK is its integrated real-time kinetic (RTK) positioning system, located in a node at the top of the drone. This technology allows for centimeter-level accuracy: 1 cm + 1ppm horizontally and 1.5 cm + 1ppm vertically. The Phantom 4 RTK applies this level of positional accuracy to the image metadata, allowing it to generate extremely accurate aerial images and 3D maps.

✅ GNSS redundancy : In areas where signal reception is poor, the GNSS module that sits right underneath the RTK module takes over to allow the drone to maintain flight stability. With this redundancy, safe and optimal flight is ensured while continuing to collect precise and complete data for mapping and survey jobs.

✅ High quality and precise imaging system : The Phantom 4 RTK comes with the standard 1-inch CMOS sensor to serve the mapping applications of the RTK. Recognizing that each camera lens has variations in manufacturing, every piece of lens goes through a rigorous calibration process that measures image distortions and applies distortion parameters into the metadata of every image that the camera captures. This means that post-processing is unique for every camera.


The 3D scan data can easily be imported into all commonly used software solutions for accident reconstruction, architecture, civil engineering, construction, forensics, industrial manufacturing and land surveying. Distance dimensions, area and volume calculations, analysis and inspection tasks and documentation can thus be carried out quickly, precisely and reliably.

Leica P40 Scanner Station

The ScanStation P40 is the right choice Whether capturing 3D geometry of roads, rails, tunnels and bridges or high-definition scan data for topographic maps and as-built surveys, you know you’ll need an accurate long range scanning tool for your projects – the new Scan Station laser scanners from Leica Geosystems are the right choice, because every detail matters.


✅ Extreme performance in tough environments : The Leica PP40 bring the highest quality HDR imaging and 3D data at a scan rate of 1 mio points p/second at distances of up to 270 meters. Supreme angular accuracy and range combined with survey-grade dual-axis compensation and low range noise form the basis for highly comprehensive 3D point clouds (colour) mapped in lifelike clarity.

✅ Decreased downtime : The robust ScanStations function under the harsh working conditions, such as intense temperatures varying from – 20°C to + 50°C and conform to the IP54 rating for water and dust resistance.

✅ The correct choice : Whether acquiring 3D geometry of civil infrastructure, generating an as-built illustration of an industry development or producing 3D data for Building Information Modelling (BIM), you will need a true long range scanning instrument for projects. The Leica ScanStation P40 laser scanner is the best choice.

FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D X 330

The technology behind the Focus3D X 330 is simple. First, the laser scanner emits a laser beam from a rotating mirror out towards the area being scanned. Then the unit distributes the laser beam at a vertical range of 300° and a horizontal range of 360°.The laser beam is then reflected back to the scanner by objects in its path. The distance to the objects defining an area is calculated as well as their relative vertical and horizontal angles. The data is captured and transmitted via WLAN for calculating precise 3D renderings.


✅ Extended Scanning - 330m Range : The Focus3D X 330 can scan objects up to 330 meters away. Large buildings, land-site excavations and vast terrains can be surveyed with fewer scans, thus resulting in quicker project scanning completion.

✅ Easy Positioning - Integrated GPS Receiver : With its integrated GPS receiver, the laser scanner is able to correlate individual scans in post-processing making it ideal for surveying based applications.

Benefits to the End User

  330m scanning range reduces the number of scans per project
  Portability allows user to scan complex objects and environments
  GPS receiver helps correlate individual scans during post-process
  Touch-screen interface makes the scanner easy for anyone to use

FARO QuantumM ScanArm HD

Inspection automation has advanced from 2D to 3D measuring, and our Faro Arm technology allows us the freedom to quickly and accurately measure anything from simple brackets to complex fabrications with a measuring range between 0 and 76m, alongside an accuracy of up to 5 microns.

Reverse Engineering

Using Faro Arm technology we can reverse engineer any part and create accurate and detailed engineering drawings for manufacture. The Faro Arm is connected to a PC which transfers point data, and in turn generates a graphical 3D model of your product on screen.

This enables us to take a part which has no engineering drawings, or even missing data, and quickly gather all the required information to produce drawings, programmes and to manufacture the part. This equipment is entirely portable, so if the part cannot be delivered to us, we are able to carry the service out at a location of your choice – ideal for parts that cannot be removed from their location.