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Drone / UAV Inspections

Falcon’s unmanned aircraft (drones) are capable to reach places that are difficult, expensive, dangerous, ‘live’ or even impossible to approach by manned inspection teams.

Inspections using Drone / UAV

Falcon’s small-unmanned aircraft (drones) are capable to reach places that are difficult, expensive, dangerous, ‘live’ or even impossible to approach by manned inspection teams.

With different size drones Falcon can inspect indoor, onshore and offshore installations and objects in many different environments. It offers a very cost effective and quick alternative for the traditional manned inspections by scaffolding, crane or rope access which are dangerous, time consuming and costly. 

With the unmanned aircraft as platform, a range of remote sensors can be put into position close to the object or installation to be inspected. Skeye uses up to 36 MP cameras to capture stunning high-resolution data in order to visualise and detect the smallest suspected details on site without the need for shutting down the operation. Infra Red imagery offers further insight into heat leakage, insulation problems or the detection of potential combustion sources.

The use of drones for visual inspection provide benefit such as:

>>    Quick overview and evaluation of hard to reach areas 

>>    Preventive maintenance planning and optimized production

>>    Access to areas that pose health, safety and environmental risk to humans

>>    High level of safety for personnel high quality images and video – sharp and detailed photographs of defects 

>>    Quick on-site deployment of the drone inspection system

>>    Authorized and qualified UAV-inspection personnel

>>    Reduced downtime

Visual inspection by drone is a quick and cost effective inspection method of critical areas on onshore and offshore constructions

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aerial mapping using drone

Aerial Mapping and Survey Accuracy

Every few years, the geospatial industry undergoes a revolution. First, it was total stations, then came GPS, laser scanners and robotics. Now, professionals are adding another tool, mapping drones, which boast quick data collection times, excellent positional accuracy and a safe operator experience.

solar farm mapping

Solar Panel Drone Inspection

Experts in the areas of inspection and thermography will support you every step of the way during the planning phase and offer you comprehensive advice regarding the possible use of drones when investigating heat leakages, damaged spots, hairline cracks, etc. to the energy systems.

stock pile

Mining, Quarries & Aggregates

With a single automated flight, our drones collect timely, georeferenced data that is quickly transformed into a precise 3D model of your site. This can then be used to calculate volumes, perform site surveys, design road layouts & much more.

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